Wednesday, January 31, 2018


My dad had a complicated surgery the other day.  His diaphragm was somehow misaligned. As a result, part of his stomach was trapped up inside the diaphragm.  He was uncomfortable for a long time before getting it checked out. (He's a bit stubborn.) After tests were run, he found out he had a large number of ulcers as well,  Giving that he has had difficulty with bleeding ulcers in the past, this complicated matters.  He needed surgery, but with the ulcers, it was going to be a risky surgery,

I was a worried mess the entire day of his surgery until I heard from my mom.  Surgery went well, but the nurses and doctor could not control his pain.  That really upset me.  I did not want my dad to suffer.  He is such a strong man.  Knowing that he was in uncontrollable pain just didn't seem fair.

He was supposed to possible come home today, but he can't be discharged.  Hi stomach is the size of a basketball! After more testing, it was discovered that he had a great deal of gas and fluid trapped inside.  Both needed to be drained.  So, he had a tube placed up is nose and down to his stomach.  Then another complication was discovered.  His bowels are paralyzed.  What a mess! Now we are just waiting to see how he can be helped.  He won't be able to leave the hospital before Monday.

If you pray, please say a prayer for my dad.  Thanks!