Sunday, August 7, 2016

Adulting is So Overrated

Sundays are days I typically look forward to. Usually I sleep in as late as my alarm clock {AKA my dog Ripley} wakes me. Even then, I have not trouble persuading him to stay in bed to cuddle for a bit. He likes to sleep in too, so most Sundays are stay-in-bed-through-two-cups-of-coffee days. {Coffee delivered by either my husband and son. Yes, I know that I am spoiled.}

Today started out like any other Sunday. I did get to do something fun and different too. I tagged along with an agent from the office to show a client a property, and then I sat in on a meeting with clients who listed their home for sale. I loved that part of my day!

Unfortunately, when I got home, I was met with a messy kitchen {Thanks boys.} I spent some time sweeping crumbs, washing dishes, and putting away snacks. I really looked forward to a cup of coffee and a book to read on the side porch once the kitchen was clean.

I went upstairs to look for my book and saw the Ripley got sick and threw up in various spots throughout my entire bedroom. Once I got that cleaned, I had to wash the bedding. Well, since I was already doing laundry, I figured I might as well wash the dirty clothes that were piled up in the hampers.

Heck, by the time I did all of that work it was dark. No side porch book reading and too late for coffee.

Such is life when you're an adult.

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