Monday, May 9, 2016

Turning Grief into a Fundraiser- Animal Donation Drive

When my youngest son Ian was in 5th grade, he lost both of his pets. our cat Tony and our dog Harley. He was heart-broken. Shortly after Tony's death, Ian and I were watching tv and a commercial came on soliciting donations for neglected and abused pets. I remember him crying. He asked me if instead of Christmas gifts that year, could he ask Santa for money so he could give it to the animals in need.

We decided to help Ian with an animal donation drive. He asked his principal if he could do a contest at school. The homeroom with the most donated items would win a pizza party- compliments of my husband and me. The principal agreed, and before long, the donations came pouring in. The entire school district got involved.

We filled the two family cars with all of the donations and drove them to the local animal shelter. Ian was given a tour of the facility and was even able to pet some of the animals. He wanted to bring all of them home with us. 

Fast forward to today, 5 years later. Our cat Flip died on this past Saturday. We have all been missing Flip, but Ian has turned his grief into compassion once more. He drafted a donation letter to be sent to local businesses, his school, friends and family members. He intends to collect as many items as possible to be donated to our local shelter in honor of Flip.

I am so proud of my son. His compassion is one of his greatest gifts. I am blessed to be his mom.

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