Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Scarlet Thread Cosmetic Pouch

I absolutely love little pouches and bags. They help keep me organized. My favorite way to use them is for keeping the contents of my purse organized.

Currently, I have four pouches in my purse. One is used for my cosmetics. Another holds my phone charger, charging cable, and ear buds. The third contains pens, and the last one has my important medications. The medication pouch is from The Scarlet Thread.

Even though it is advertised as a cosmetic pouch, I use it for my meds. It is the perfect size to hold five prescription bottles- important medications that I have to take throughout my day. I originally used it as a cosmetic bag, but the zipper on the pouch I originally carried for my meds broke, and after trying different bags, I realized that The Scarlet Thread pouch was the perfect solution.

Aside for being useful, the pouch is also beautiful. It is slightly padded and made of two coordinating
fabrics. I especially love the flowers with the polka dots. (I love all things polka dotted.) The zipper pull is a light pink satin ribbon which adds an even more feminine touch to the pouch. The zipper is quite reinforced, so I don't worry about it breaking. My favorite thing about the bag is that it is PINK! (my favorite color)

{About The Scarlet Thread}
Here at The Scarlet Thread, I provide custom sewing and machine embroidery to my clientele. I started my shop back in December of 2009 with a few purses that I had made for myself and friends. At the time I started Etsy they had alchemy where customers could request an item and we as sellers could send in a bid. I used this as a springboard for getting orders but also as a way to make custom orders. I would then use the item that I made and make a listing for more custom orders of that particular item. This is how I got my start and is still the way that I get most of my orders. In 2015, I changed the direction of my shop from doing custom items of all kinds to again making handmade bags and totes. I select coordinating fabrics that I can make into a cute cosmetic bag or tote. I have several different styles and collections in my shop. Please feel free to browse through all of the sections.

You definitely need to check out The Scarlet Thread on Etsy. There are so many cute options to choose from. The prices are wonderful too! I'm off to snag another pouch for myself.

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