Monday, May 2, 2016

Tyra Handmade Jewelry- Long Bar Necklace

While browsing Etsy awhile back, I stumbled upon a shop that sells hand-stamped, personalized jewelry. As you already know, I don't wear much jewelry, so when I decided to review a beautiful piece of jewelry from Tyra Handmade Jewelry, I chose a gift necklace for my new sister-in-law Erica.

With the help of Tyra, we decided upon a long bar birthstone necklace in silver. I didn't want her name stamped on the plate. Rather, we chose to go with SISTER. Additionally, instead of her birthstone, I chose a stone for November- the month she became my sister.

The necklace was mailed quickly. I was surprised how fast Tyra finished my order and had to posted to me. When I opened the box, I wanted to cry. Seriously. The necklace was even more beautiful that I expected! Additionally, the necklace is a gorgeous sterling silver, and the bar is 20 gauges thick. The letters are truly hand-stamped, which makes the necklace even more unique.

I gave the necklace to Erica, who was not only surprised but enamored by the beauty of the necklace and the meaning behind the birthstone.

{Details About the Necklace}
This is a truly hand-stamped bar that many other vendors avoid by using a computerized engraving machine because they don't have the skill to do hand stamping. Is computerized engraving good? Not really - though the letters are perfectly aligned on the machine engraved bar, the bar doesn't have the hand-crafted feel. Also, the top material (in gold filled items, the gold layer!) got scraped off and evenly, making the letters look dull, unappetizing and will tarnish quickly. While on a hand-stamped bar, the stamped metal was pressed deeply and the top gold layer got just stretched in the stamped pattern, making the letters patterns reflect the true calligraphic appeal, shine more from within and most importantly because the top gold layer was kept, the letters will not tarnish.

You can expect the highest stamping quality from my shop - thick gauge discs, uniformly deep impression, perfectly centered and well aligned - I would never use "hand-crafted" as an excuse for substandard work. The stamping can be blackened to highlight the initial or left un-blackened to reveal the fine details of font calligraphy through the beautiful impression left on bare metal surface.

In keeping with my preference for simple jewelry, I would love to own the silver angel wing bracelet. I would wear it in memory of my grandparents and my niece Mya who passed away several years ago. It is such a pretty, delicate design. {I'm thinking hubby needs a huge Mother's Day hint!}

I realize Mother's Day is right round the corner, but I believe any of the pieces from Tyra Handmade Jewelry would make the perfect gift for the special woman in your life. Why not surprise her with a "Just Because" gift? Tyra will help you to choose the perfect gift!


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