Friday, May 6, 2016

My sweet cat has asthma

My poor Flip. :( He hasn't been feeling well for a couple of weeks. Shortly after Christmas, he was sick. We thought it was just hairballs, but looking back, he exhibited some of the same symptoms as he is now- hacking, loss of appetite, listlessness.

I came home from work yesterday, and my son Jake was siting on the floor with Flip. Jake was crying. He told me Flip was very sick. He was having trouble breathing and peed on the carpet. I called the Vet's office. They told me to bring him right in. My heart hurt for my son. He loves Flip so much.

When we got there, the tech took him straight to the back and put him on oxygen. I was instructed to sit and wait in the exam room while they got Flip stable. I wanted to hold Flip, but I wasn't permitted to go in the back. I wondered if Flip was scared. Every time a tech walked past the window, I hoped for news.

I waited 25 minutes before the Vet came in the room to talk to me. She said Flip was in an oxygen tent and was doing better. She did an x-ray and bloodwork. From what she could tell immediately, Flip has asthma. She also suspects pneumonia because his white blood cell count and his temperature are elevated. They kept him overnight so they could keep him in the oxygen tent. She also said more test results would come in today. Now, I wait.

I never realized that a cat could have asthma. I need to find a mask that is made for cats. I only hope he will tolerate the mask as he is a bit stubborn.

I feel like an awful mommy. I should have taken Flip in to the Vet before now. I don't like knowing that he suffered, and I could have prevented it. :(

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