Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dancing Quinn Cards and Crafts

I am a bit addicted to washi tape. When I first heard of it, I remember thinking Oh, that's cute! Pretty tape! I ordered some from a woman on Facebook who sold sample sizes of the tapes. I used them as a decoration in my planner, but that was pretty much the extent of it.

So, what exactly is washi tape? The best way we can describe it is that it feels like thin masking tape. It comes in all sorts of patterns and designs and varying widths. Most washi tapes are strong and functional as well as pretty, making them wonderful for all types of projects.

Well, Christmas was just around the corner, and of course, I had presents to wrap. I decided to use the holiday washi tape that was included in my samples. My family liked the tape and told me it was a cool way to use it.

Next, I used the tape in my classroom.  I made little flags out of the tape to mark my pencils and pens.

Well, it wasn't long before I was constantly using washi tape as a replacement for scotch tape. I even covered my phone case with a gorgeous blue floral tape.  Yep, I was addicted.

When searching Etsy recently {no surprise there, right?}, I stumbled upon Dancing Quinn Cards and Crafts. I was first pulled in but the washi tape samples she carried, but while browsing, I saw so much more that got my creative brain excited. She sold SEQUINS too!

We talked a bit, and she told me she wanted to send me some sequins to try out. Cool!

{About Dancing Quinn}
Started in the December of 2012 by an avid cardmaker/ scrapbooker. The owner is residing in Singapore and holds a full-time job at a bank. When she is not working, she can be seen scrapping, updating her blog, enjoying time with her boyfriend, and occasionally indulging in good food. Thanks for dropping by at my shop and help to spread the love! :)

I have long since used up the tape, but those pretty sequins are waiting for me to turn them into something fabulous, and that's exactly what I have planned for those pretties.

I ordered a Fuse tool. Have you heard of it? It's this super nifty tool that seals plastic together. I know, not the greatest explanation. Sorry. With the tool, I will be able to make shaker dashboards for my planners, shaker bookmarks, and shaker cards.  So, yes, I have big plans for those sequins!

Dancing Quinn Cards and Crafts also offers handmade cards which are absolutely beautiful! She has cards for many different occasions. This Mother's Day card is one of my favorites from her shop. I love all the little details. Isn't it sweet?

Please visit Dancing Quinn Cards and Crafts on Etsy, and also come back soon to this post for a special coupon code just for Living Life One Day at a Time readers.

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