Monday, April 4, 2016

and so it continues

Last Wednesday while waiting on the Keurig to finish brewing my hazelnut coffee, I happened to glance up at the kitchen ceiling. I noticed a line of what I thought were bubbles and pointed them out to my hubby.

They weren't bubbles (I don't even know why I thought that's what they were.). They were drops of water. I remember saying, "How odd. Why is there water on the ceiling?" Then, all at once it hit me.  The boys' bathroom! NO!!

Hubby sprinted up the steps to the bathroom, and then he yelled down to tell me that there was no water on the floor.  That can't be a good sign.

We were convinced the problem was coming from the boys' toilet. Ian duct taped the lid shut so nobody would accidentally use the toilet and make the problem worse. Hubby aimed a fan at the ceiling ad put a bucket under the water drips, and we all left for the day.

When we got home, the ceiling seemed dry. Unfortunately, life is crazy busy for us, so we put the issue off temporarily. As long as nobody flushed that toilet, we figured everything would be fine.

Thursday morning, before I could even put the k-cup in the brewer, I saw the water again.  This time the drips were falling faster. At this point, Hubby realized then that the problem was the master bathroom shower. Ugh.

Now the situation was getting trickier.  

Before we left for work, we told Jake NOT to use our bathroom. Apparently, he was still asleep during that conversation because when we got home from work, the water was still dripping and the ceiling wasn't looking too good. 

So, Hubs has spent the last several days trying to ascertain the cause of the leak. Somehow he found the tub drain to be our culprit. 

After talking to the nice folks at True Value Hardware, he set about to find an access panel to the master bath plumbing. That didn't work out too well either. No access panel anywhere.

We decided to remodel the boys' bathroom much sooner than we planned (like, YEARS sooner) since we had to cut into one of the walls to get to the problem plumbing. 

So, instead of doing any number of relaxing activities tonight, Hubs is ripping out the sink, toilet, and floor of a bathroom. 

We are more than ready for a break, ya know?

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