Friday, April 22, 2016

an exciting new challenge

As you may already know, I am a middle school English teacher. It's been my career for 24 years. I truly love what I do, and hope to teach for many more years. Even so, I have always had a desire to do something with sales.

My curiosity about real estate sales probably began when I was in high school. I spent summers working for a moving company. It was so much fun! I enjoyed going into other peoples' homes and carefully wrapping and packing their belongings for their move. Every job was different than the one before, which kept the job exciting for me. I remember thinking how much I'd love a career that somehow dealt with peoples' homes- whether it was with selling their homes or coordinating their moves.

I went to college because it was expected of me. I earned my teaching degree by accident, really. I hadn't set out to become a teacher, but after changing my major five times, it was the only degree I could earn and still finish school in four years.

Once I earned my teaching certificate, I set out to find a job. It didn't happen immediately. In the interim, I was hired by a newspaper in their advertising sales department. That's when I realized I had a knack for sales. I very hesitantly gave up the sales job for a teaching job later that summer.

Throughout the years I have considered a part-time sales job. It never went beyond that, unless we can count the different direct sales jobs I tried. One day, a realtor friend mentioned to me that she thought I'd make a great real estate agent. That was when the bug really bit me.

I signed-up for an online real estate class last year.  I really tried to put effort into it, but I soon realized I needed a face-to-face class if I wanted to be successful.

Well, I just registered for my classes today, and I couldn't be more excited! Hopefully, before summer's end, I will be a real estate agent.

Wish me luck.

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