Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ugh. Kidney Stones.

Have you ever had a kidney stone? No? Well, let me tell you this. They are hell. More painful than childbirth even. Seriously.

I experienced my first kidney stone in July. I had no idea what was causing the pain I felt in my back.  At first I figured I'd tweaked something when I was working out at the gym. I iced it and took an ibuprofen. Didn't help one bit. The pain continued to worsen. We went away for the weekend, and I spend the entire trip in bed, crying.

When we returned home on Monday, I called my doctor. By then the pain was in my back and lower right side. My doctor insisted I go to the emergency room. When I arrived, they told me my doctor called ahead. She thought perhaps it was diverticulitis.

After an X-ray and ultrasound, the nasty culprit was identified. An 8 mm kidney stone. I couldn't believe that something so small could cause such immense pain. {Like a 15 on a scale of 1 to 10}

I was admitted into the hospital because the doctor said I wouldn't be able to pass that size stone on my own.  I was scheduled for surgery the next afternoon.

 Now, this is where things got a bit crazy. The doctor who performed the surgery did not actually remove the stone, and once the anesthesia wore off, the pain was worse. That didn't seem right.

It was explained to me that the doctor inserted a stent to keep from getting a blockage. The stent would stay in a week before he removed the stone. I would then need a third procedure to remove the stent. This did not go over well with me. Not at all.

Once I got home, the pain continued to get worse. I could not walk, stand, sit, or lay without pain. I couldn't eat or sleep. Pain pills didn't help. The homemade pain cream I made with coconut oil and some essential oils didn't help. I decided I needed a second opinion.

Thank the stars I did! The second doctor scheduled me for surgery the next day. He said he'd crush the stone and remove the stent. Easy peasy.

Nope. That didn't go as planned either.

The second doctor told me he removed the stent but couldn't find the stone, He believed the stent pushed the stone back into my kidney where it could not be reached. None of this sounded good to me.

Being stentless was wonderful, but my euphoria was short-lived when less than a week later, the intense pain returned. Back to the ER we went {a different one his time} where it was determined that I had a 10 mm stone.

After a very long night in the ER, I was taken to surgery where the stone was finally removed from my body.

Things were good for a long while after that. I was careful to avoid foods that could cause kidney stones. I drank tons of water, and I continued to exercise.

Well, my nightmare returned this morning. Same pain, Same areas. I just know it is another stone. I am miserable.

Hubby went to the store to get me apple cider vinegar and lemons. I am determined to get rid of this interloper naturally.

Wish me luck.

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