Sunday, March 13, 2016

Review: Melissa Elayne {Etsy}

My sweet husband bought me an iPhone 6s Plus for Christmas. It's been a great gift, a perfect one, even. As I get older, my eyesight gets worse. I have mentioned on more than several occasions that I was struggling to see things on my small phone. I didn't know it, but he was listening.

So, I have this mammoth phone now, which I love. I have a case on it, but I still worry that I will drop it because of the larger size and the fact that I have really small hands. I needed some extra protection, and I have that now thanks to a sweet little wristlet from Melissa Elayne.

{About Melissa Elayne}
In 2011, I began sewing purses and selling on Etsy as a way to supplement our income. We only had a handful of sales each month. I homeschooled our children, and Roger went to work. But in 2013 my little business became to mean much more than just "extra income". Due to a depressed economy jobs were cut , and suddenly Roger was without a job, and we were without income. We were really thankful for my little side business! Roger eventually found part-time work, but quickly gave that up to help me as the business began to grow and we began receiving more orders than I could fill on my own. Now we are working together full-time from home while raising our 3 children.

Each item is handmade by me. Roger is putting his photography and graphic design skills to good use in our shop. He also assists with production by ironing, clipping threads and packaging. We recently were able to add 1 member to our team to help us out part-time! Our seamstress Debbie helps with sewing the credit card/lip balm pockets in the lining portion of many of our bags.

Our Etsy shop is our full-time job, and this is how we support our family of 5......We love our customers, and truly appreciate every sale that comes our way!

I was sent an XL wristlet in a gorgeous, bright floral print. My iPhone fits perfectly in either of the zippered compartments. What a really like about the wristlet is that it doubles as the perfect wallet or small purse for running errands or going out with my hubby or friends. Since it is perfectly sized, I don't always need to carry a purse. There are four card slots in the main zippered compartment as well as two smaller pockets inside that fit my lip balm and my essential oil headache inhaler. There is a second zippered compartment along the front of the bag. With all the storage available, the wristlet keeps all my necessities secure.

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Visit Melissa Elayne today to purchase your wristlet, available in many different sizes and color patterns.

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