Thursday, March 10, 2016

Review: Ink and Elm Photography Backdrops

If you are a photographer or take product photos, you know how important the background can be. It can make or break the photo. Having a proper background will allow for more professional-looking photos.

I am not a photographer, though I love to take pictures. I do, however, take product photos for the blog and other social media. In the past, I used my dining room table or the table on our screened porch when I took product photos. I thought they turned out okay, but then, I saw an image on Instagram of a scrapbook page that I assumed was taken on a gorgeous wood plank table. I commented on the photo and was surprised to learn that what I thought was a table was actually a vinyl background.

I knew I had to find one, so I began to scour Etsy {my favorite place to shop}. I saw several different shops that offered numerous vinyl backdrops from which to choose. My favorites were the weathered whitewashed wood plank backdrops from Ink and Elm.

I ordered a 2' x 2' backdrop.  It arrived in a long tube, and once I laid it on my table, there were no wrinkles.  The backdrop was ready to use. At first, I photographed everything I could find. After a little practice, I figured out how to stage my photos to make them appear more polished. When I posted my photos on Instagram and Facebook, several people commented on the backdrop, assuming as I did that it was a table. It is amazing how authentic they look in photographs!

Ink and Elm is a great place to shop for your backdrop needs. Their customer service is excellent.  Their prices are the best I have found, and their products are wonderful! I cannot wait to buy more patterns. :)