Saturday, March 12, 2016

Review: Heaven's Avenue Sign Shop

I know, I know, Valentine's Day is long over. Whatever. That isn't going to stop me from keeping up my red and pink decorations. I LOVE red and pink. I love hearts. I love LOVE. I do. Love is beautiful and warm and home.

Whenever my hubby and I watch a movie and a kissing scene comes on, I gush.  He chuckles at me, but he knows I adore those scenes. {Yep, I'm a hopeless romantic.}

So, when I was  offered to review a handmade sign from Heaven's Avenue Sign Shop, I knew exactly which one to choose- the kissing booth sign. Surprised? {Neither was hubby.}

The sign is absolutely charming.  Great care went into its creation, and I especially like the primitive feel it has to it.

{About Mandy Warner, owner of Heaven's Avenue Sign Shop}
I have always loved to craft! So I started my little shop because I was needing some extra money, and I want to stay home with my kiddos. Having this little shop gives me the opportunity to do both. I am able to get my CRAFT FIX and earn a little cash! Its the perfect part time job! I am having so much fun and I am doing something that I love!

I wanted my shop to have a name that is special to me, so I named my shop after my oldest daughter. Her name is Heaven. My husband and I adopted Heaven when she was 8 years old, but she has been apart of our family since she was 6. Our children have truly blessed our lives. We have four other children as well. Heaven is the oldest (17 now), Isaac (10), Claire (9), Alena (4), and my little tornado Eli (2)

This kissing booth sign has been displayed on my family room hearth since the beginning of February, and that's exactly where it is staying. Besides, I might get some kisses out of the deal too!

Check out Heaven's Avenue Sign Shop. Mandy is sure to have something special for your home decor.

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