Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Review: Goia Boutique

Ever since I turned 45 a couple of years ago, I have struggled with insomnia. I have tried many different things (some effective, others- not so much) to help me drift of to La La Land. The nights with very little to no sleep have been torture for me. Dragging my zombie-self to work on those mornings is also a real challenge. {There just isn't enough coffee in the world to give me a jolt of energy.}

While perusing my favorite shopping site {Etsy}one afternoon, I typed "sleep aid" in the search bar. Lots of different products were displayed on my computer screen. I didn't have to look far before I saw the most adorable sleep mask. I hadn't yet tried to use a sleep mask to help with my insomnia. The mask was a pretty coral-colored satin with gold eyebrows and eyelashes embroderied on it. Adorable.

I contacted Alina, the owner of  Goia Boutique and inquired about her sleep masks. In turn, she kindly sent me several to try, including the coral Holly Golightly mask that originally caught my eye.

Each of the masks was lightweight and soft against my eyes.The elastic was perfect as well. Alina uses lingerie elastic, so it is gentle around your head.

ABOUT GOIA SLEEP MASKS {From the shop's About page}
Sleep masks for you and your family and any event in your life.

I make each mask in my home based studio in Naperville,IL.
I use a high end professional embroidery machine, Babylock Enterprise BNTL10 and I digitize my embroidery designs with TruEmbroidery3 software.

June 2011, when we moved in the new house which is energy efficient and is full of brightness, I had problems with my sleep hours.

Because my skin is sensitive I can't use synthetic fabrics , I was unable to find something made of natural fabrics at a affordable price. So , I had only one option left, to make it myself. I created the pattern and started making a few sleep masks for myself.

After using my sleep mask for a few days, I had an idea running thru my head. I asked my granny and mom for an opinion, and they both said "try it".

I was thinking that out there perhaps there are people like me who need a good quality sleep mask at a affordable price,my dream became a reality, I made some sleep masks and listed on my Etsy shop.
In the beginning it wasn't a major hit, because the customers didn't understand my low pricing strategy.
Once I added the following description to my listing : "Even if my prices are lower that my competitors, I don't make any compromise on the quality of my product. I just charge a low fee for my work. I love my work and I prefer working for less than not working at all"

I am constantly testing the sleep masks and I ask my customers for their opinions on how to make them even better.

I have always been a perfectionist. I love to use high quality fabrics and threads. 

My sleep masks are lightweight and breathable, perfect for sleeping anywhere.

I have slept with a Goia Boutique mask every night since I received them. I have found that while they don't completely solve my insomnia issue, they do indeed help. Having complete darkness when I am trying to sleep is the key.

Looking for a girly gift or want to pamper yourself? {Go ahead. You deserve it!} Check out the great selection of sleep masks Goia Boutique offers.

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