Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Head Tees

I showed up at my parents' house on Easter Sunday wearing this shirt. My eight nieces and nephews loved it {and even told me that it is so very true!}, and my siblings just shook their heads. {I'm thinking they were just envious of my uber cool status.}

I seriously rocked that shirt.

Funny shirts are my new thing. I love them. Not only do they make me smile wearing them, but they more often than not, result in conversations with just about everyone I meet. {Not that I need a shirt to start a conversation.  No siree! Not with my gift of gab! This girl LOVES to chat people up!} Regardless, a silly shirt can lighten a mood. Who doesn't need that?

My Best. Aunt. Ever. shirt is from the Etsy shop Happy Head Tees. They have a gagillion shirts to choose from. You can search for a particular word, or you can browse their vast selection of designs. {I recommend you browse for maximum entertainment.} The tee I was sent is a great quality and perfect fit. The cost is super reasonable too- $13.99.

{About Happy Head Tees}
Wedding shirts, home state tshirts, dog rescue shirts, vegetarian vegan tshirts, work out tanks, funny tshirt gifts, running tanks, pit bull shirts, animal rights tshirts, movie shirts and more!

No silly gimmicks, no coupon codes to remember... Our awesome tees are already priced so low that even the most OCSD (Obsessive Compulsive Shirt Disorder) people can feed their shirt addiction with a smile on! :)

I already have a wish list started of all the different shirts I want to buy {like 14 so far}.

You simply MUST head over to Happy Head Tees and buy yourself {or a gift for someone else} one or more of their funny shirts. The smile is so worth it!