Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Embroidered Tiny Kisslock Purse from CaCaCrafts

I am a total sucker for anything cute. I'm an even bigger sucker for tiny, cute things. If that bitty thing is also functional, then BONUS!

That adorable little purse you see is my newest addition to my bitty, cute thing collection.

Carina, owner and creator of the purse, from CaCaCrafts sent me the embroidered kisslock purse to review. When I first saw it in person, I wasn't sure how functional it would be {I mean, it is tiny, tiny!} Then, I realized it is the perfect size for my earbuds. It also can hold the change needed for the turnpike. The other day I used the purse to hold my rings and earrings while I had an MRI done.

{About Carina}
When I was young, I told my mom that I wanted to be an artist / a painter. But the idea was turned down by my parents immediately as they believed that I couldn't make a living on it. And I never thought of any ambition or dream since then.

Opening my shop in Etsy is like having my dream come true. I can share my crafts and ideas with other people here. I enjoy myself as I create each item with love and care.

All items listed in my shop are handmade by me. Each one is unique and cannot be duplicated. The ideas expressed in some of my embroidery wall hangings come from, I believe, messages of the higher. I hope shoppers would find my work inspiring and loving, and enjoy viewing them.

Recently, I have moved to live in Penghu, Taiwan with my family. It is a place with lots of beautiful beaches and great sunshine. While the location has changed, the crafting continues. So items would be shipped from Penghu, Taiwan to worldwide via Taiwan Post.
The kisslock purse is made with high quality cotton fabric, Japanese sashiko threads and, most of all, LOVE! If you like cute, little things, than you will adore CaCaCrafts. The items are made with  great attention to detail.

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