Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dream Home

If I had written this post ten years ago, five years ago even, my description of a dream home would have been very different than it is today. Back then, I wanted a big house (four bedrooms) with a great room, an office, a gigantic kitchen (even though I don't cook), three bathrooms, a game room and so much more. I preferred to live in a neighborhood that had families with children our sons' ages. You see, back then, I wasn't thinking about the fact that one day our boys would grow up and live on their own.

Now, my boys are almost 19 and 16. Hubby and I are beginning to think about the future. I can retire in 5- 7 years. That is crazy to believe, but it's true. Before I know it, hubby and I will actually have time to travel and enjoy being with one another. We can't really do that right now. Life is complicated and messy and so busy at the moment. We don't spend much time together because we can't. I miss that.

Recently, we have been talking about selling the house when we retire and move into something smaller. This really got me thinking and planning and dreaming. I want to live in a tiny house. Really tiny. I've seen pictures on the internet of unbelievably small houses that people build for anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000. Looking at the outside of the house, it's difficult to imagine being able to live in something so small. Then, I see the pictures of the inside and all of the amazing ways storage and function are built into the compact design, and I fall in love. That is exactly the kind of house I see hubby and myself in one day.

I envision a small wood structure with a front porch big enough for two chairs and some potted flowers. The house is nestled in the woods with a yard big enough for grandchildren to play in, yet small enough to maintain with little effort. Inside the under 500 square foot dwelling, there will be a loft with two sleeping areas connected by a catwalk.There will need to be a small staircase, not a ladder.  I can't imagine climbing the ladder at 70 years old. There will also be a Murphy Bed (a pull-down bed) or a futon for extra sleeping space.(Yes, I'm thinking about space for my boys and future grandchildren to sleep when they visit.)

I haven't talked to hubby about this just yet. I think he will agree with the idea, but it might take a little convincing. I'm thinking the benefits of no mortgage, little upkeep and less clutter will help sway him.

What do you think?

*Photo above was not taken by me. I found it in one of my many searches on google.

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