Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FunctionalArtWA on Etsy

I miss the house we lived in before our current house. Even though it was a ranch, it was actually bigger than the current one. I miss the huge game room/workout room we had in the basement, and mostly, I miss my scrapbook room.

My scrapbook room had pretty, soft yellow walls and white furniture. Touches of color were found in the hot pink Gerbera daisies and numerous embellishments throughout the room. On the far wall, I had a large cube shelf we bought from Ikea. The top held all of my albums. It was such a beautiful space.

In our current home, our dining room serves a dual purpose as my craft area. My planners are stored on the little glass table that sits below the window. Serving as book ends are the most adorable felt owls (I have a thing for owls, but that's a completely different post!).

The felt owl bookends were lovingly made by the Etsy shop FunctionalArtWA. They are filled with rice which makes them sturdy enough to use as bookends. They would also work as a door stop or an adorable decoration in any room of your home.

Sure, I do miss my scrapbook room, but the owls in my dining room have given the room a warm, craftsy feeling. I absolutely adore them!

Check out FunctionalArtWA on Etsy. You will be glad you did.

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