Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

1. I didn't have enough coffee today.
2. I didn't get enough sleep last night.
3. My to-do list is way too long.
4. I'm dreading occupational therapy because I know it's going to hurt.
5. I look awful in red lipstick.
6. I got my hair completely stuck in my splint today. What a mess!
7. I need to decorate for Christmas. {I'm a huge slacker this year.}
8. I'm wondering when I am going to hear back from my doctor about the CPAP machine that I'm going to have to use. {ugh}
9. I am so curious about the use of essential oils. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to eliminate toxic substances from our lives?
10. I wish I had a room of my own in this house of males.  A place I could go to write, create, nap, dream, think.

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