Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday {Weighing-in on Family}

I know that I'm rebelling again by putting a different twist on the day's topic, but I just have to.  You see, late last night I was talking to my sister Lori (That's her in the picture.), and she told me that my 10 year old nephew Jimmy (aka Buddy) wrote a speech about the family he wants shared on Thanksgiving Day. Since my family won't be there, she decided to go ahead and read it to me.  Once she did, I knew I had to share it with all of you, since technically, he is weighing-in on our family. :)

Jimmy (also in the above photo) is such a fun kid! When he was younger and I stopped by for a visit, he never greeted me.  His first words were ALWAYS, "Where's Ian and Jake?" I had to remind him that I was there.  Now when I see him not only do I get a hello, but I also get a big hug too (Hugs are my favorite.).

Jimmy's speech:

Hi, my name is James Moody, and I like playing baseball. I'm actually beast at it. I have a grandma who loves coupons. My favorite products are Under Armor, which my gram calls overalls. I have a stepdad who loves guitar, and every year his terrible towel gets burnt by Santa. By the way, LET'S GO STEELERS!

My mom is sweet, caring and funny. For some reason, she gets weird when she hears me talking about Garth Brooks (who, by the way, is a great guitarist! My stepdad thinks he is gonna be like him someday, but let's just stay on the bright side.) To my stepdad- KEEP WORKING!

Now, my sister, oh my! I am even scared to talk about her. She has a true love for Josh Stuckley. Oh my, it's as tight as I tie my shoes for baseball! Even so, she is funny, weird and awkward, but again, let's stay on the bright side. To my sis-I love you, and keep pushing those grades up.

Let's be honest. My pap is just like a calculator. He is a math wizard- almost like me. (Ha ha! sarcastic much?) Anyway, there is no dark side for Pap except when Pittsburgh Pirates lose the ball game. Anywho, he is awesome, caring, loving and funny.

Let's get to Gram. Oh my! She is a great dresser upper. She is short, funny, sweet, and caring.

Now that you learned about half of my family, let's get to the other half. We'll start with the Pomaybos. Man, are they crazy!

I'll just start with the princess, the makeover and drama queen, Abby. To Abby- you are so funny, sweet, beautiful and caring, and Abby, you are a drama queen, but we all still love you so much!

NOW, let's get to the toughest. Luke, man,  I could talk about you all day, but I'll just take the short path for you. You are cool, funny, and obsessed with TMNT. Man,  when I go in your room, all I see is green. You are cool, and we all love you.

Then, we have Emma. Man oh man, you are so funny and cool, Emma. Oh, I am so sorry. I should have said you have so much swag. In my thoughts you made the swag train. Anyway, we all love you and laugh at you.

Next, we have the two trouble makers, Aunt Missy and Uncle Rob. You two fit together like a glove, and that's all I have for you two.

Don't you worry. I did not forget about you, Logan. You are funny, awkward, and beautiful. Ya, I check your grades too, and my comment is GREAT JOB! I see a lot of A's, and let's sum it up for you. We all love you.

Oh no. I was hoping I would not have to get to this part- the Stearns family.  Let me just say Ian, really, almost every time I see you you have a new pear of crutches! We have a lot in common. Do you remember the secret army club we had? You treat me like a best friend.

Jake, you have a true love for Casey. It is as tight as glue and paper, and you are also a beast at baseball! I wish I could be like you when I grow up.

Now it is time for the reason why I just talked about my two big cousins- Aunt Ween and Uncle JC. I love you both so so so much, and I hope I get to see you guys more often.

Last but not least, the Culleitons- Aunt Erica and Uncle Tommy. I just want to say you guys are so cool. I actually teared up a little at the wedding because I am so happy to have a great new aunt. Thank you for getting my mom off of smoking. I am so happy and I definitely see a change.

Now Maddie, you are sweet, funny, caring, beautiful, and I can fill this whole phone up with comments about you.

Let's get to LuLu.  You are cool, swaggy, and funny, but also intelligent.

Now you got to find out about my cool and funny family. They are the people that I have to deal with (in the good way).

Awesome, right? I love that kid!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!