Sunday, November 8, 2015

{the blog days}

If you are a current blog subscriber and have been keeping up with my blog, you are aware that life has been, oh, crazy is the best way to describe it. It seems as if we are just getting settled when we are hit with another wave that pushes us back under water again.

I was recently hospitalized- twice {which is why I've been absent these last couple of weeks}. I had an insane amount of pressure in my head, accompanied by left-sided facial numbness. During my first visit to the ER, I was given a migraine cocktail and a lumbar puncture. Following that, I was admitted so further tests could be run.

My second trip to the same ER earned me yet another lumbar puncture {that's awful business right there}, and when my red blood cell count came back way too high, I was transferred my ambulance to a hospital in the city. Yep, I was admitted.  {The ER doc said he was concerned about a brain aneurysm.}

I saw many doctors during that stay. I was discharged after two nights. The end result? Complicated migraine. Go figure.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot. I was injured at work, and now I'm sporting a purple full-arm cast. Ugh.

Anyway. On to today's topic- the blog days.

My goal with the blog days is to motivate myself to blog daily. {With all that is going on here, my blog is my chance to have a little "me time."  So, to encourage myself to follow through, I have scheduled daily blog topics. {Note: I did not make these up. I found most from other blogs in blogland.}

Here's the schedule:
Monday- Menu Plan Monday
Menus for the week- or as many days I can plan for.This is new for me, as I'm horrible in the kitchen, so thinking this through may actually provide beneficial to me and to my family.

Tuesday- Tackle-it-Tuesday and Ten on Tuesday
I'm listing two topics here so I have a little variety.  I struggle sometimes with repetitive tasks. I need some variety. Tackle-it-Tuesday will be a to-do list for the most part. Perhaps the list will keep me accountable.  We will see. Ten on Tuesday will be ten facts about me, my family, etc. This will hopefully evolve into something over time.

Wednesday- Weigh-in Wednesday
This is a topic I NEED to motivate myself to eat healthier and exercise more. I'm not going to post my weight, but I will post my ups and downs for the week {Let's hope there are more losses than gains!}.

Thursday- Thrifty Thursday
Bargain hunting. Who doesn't love a great deal? Every Thursday, I hope to share deals with you that will save you money.

Friday-Feature Friday
On Feature Friday, I will be blogging about products that are either amazing or not-so-amazing. {This does not mean that I will only do reviews and giveaways on Friday.}

Saturday/Sunday- Scrapbook Saturday/Sunday
This one could be fun! I hope to offer scrapbook tips, share any layouts, and blog about scrapbook products.  {I will not be blogging both days.}

If anyone has suggestions for other days of the week topics, let me know.  I'm happy to switch it up every now and then. :)

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