Sunday, November 15, 2015

Scrapbook Sunday

For my first Scrapbook Sunday I want to share a digital layout I created.  I'm drawn to this particular layout because it's about my life growing up with my family.  Celebrating my brother's marriage with my parents and siblings left me feeling nostalgic.

As the oldest child of four, I'd definitely admit my parents were a bit stricter with me than they were with my brother and sisters.  (I was also the kid who got blamed for everything!) I remember being jealous of all the attention they seemed to get from my parents. Even so, looking back, I must say that my parents gave the four of us an incredible childhood.

We did so many things together (meals, church, movies, vacations, etc.) and it was obvious to us that family always came first for our parents.  I learned a great deal about family from my mom and dad.  How could I not? I had incredible role models! The values my parents taught us have certainly shaped the way I parent my own two sons. Yes, I am blessed to have such a close and loving family.

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