Monday, November 30, 2015

Menu Monday

Is anyone else tired of trying to be creative with turkey leftovers? UGH! Enough turkey!

Monday- Breakfast for supper.Pancakes and bacon. {Have you ever tried Kodiak Cakes? Seriously delicious pancakes!}

Tuesday- Grammy's homemade soup-either chicken noodle or beef stew.  Probably beef stew.

Wednesday- Pierogies and roast beef. {Seriously looking forward to the pierogies! I wish I knew somewhere to purchase them homemade.}

Thursday- Something with chicken.  Undecided. Suggestions?

Friday- Chinese take-out! {We love the food at Shanghai Tokyo! Even better- it's so close to home.}

Saturday- Make your own pizza night

Sunday- Meet the family for dinner after our nieces' dance recital  {This year, three of our niece are in dance.}

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