Friday, December 12, 2014

Could be worse...

So, this is my new look for quite awhile.

I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday evening. Things actually started to get strange for me that morning when I attempted to put on mascara. My left eye just wouldn't cooperate. I was running late, so I didn't have time to worry about it right then. I got to work and started teaching as usual. Partway through my day, the left side of my face started to feel weird, numb almost. Not completely, but enough to concern me. Yet, once again, I got busy and put my concerns aside.

Later that day at dinner, my son noticed that my left eye wasn't blinking. In fact, he said the entire left side of my face was drooping. He yelled to my husband, who basically dropped everything and took me to the hospital.

I was taken immediately into a room where tests were begun. The ER doctor told me I probably had a stroke, and that I missed my important four hour window for medication that can reverse the damage caused by the stroke. She told us she wanted to admit me to run further tests- MRI, MRA, blood work- and have me seen by neurology. To say I was terrified is an understatement.

Thankfully, all those tests the next day ruled out a stroke. I have been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. I have left-sided facial paralysis and have to wear this sexy eye patch since my eye won't close. My mouth doesn't work all that great either, so I need soft foods and have to drink from a straw. Sure, this sucks, but I'm alive. That's what matters. Yes, though I look goofy, I am so happy to be here.

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