Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bell's Palsy- Unmasked

I have had some people email me questions. I don't mind answering them at all. If after reading you have another question, feel free to ask.

First, some of you asked me what I look like without the patch. I have posted a pic in this thread taken this afternoon.

Why are you wearing a patch? Well, my left eye won't close, so I need to protect it. Besides, my students are keeping things interesting by creating me some awesome patches!

How do I sleep? Well, I either tape my eye shut or try to use a sleeping mask. The tape works best, but it is very uncomfortable to get off in the morning.

How did you get this? I have no idea at all. My Lymes test came back negative, so who knows!

Can you eat? Yes, thank goodness!! I have to take small bites and be careful to keep food and drink in the right side of my mouth. I also have to use a straw to drink or I end up making a hot mess of myself!

How do you feel? Exhausted! Who knew talking took so much energy!?

How long will the last? That's another question I can't answer. The neurologist said typically, 6-12 months. Just have to wait it out. (Patience is NOT my strong suit!)

Best thing about this? At the moment, I give the greatest stink eye to students who are misbehaving!

I think I answered everything. Thanks for taking the time to ask and for all the prayers and positive thoughts.

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