Monday, May 5, 2014

We have results.

I tried to wait patiently for the vet to call me today. I knew they didn't open until nine AM, and I wanted to give them time to actually get the report. Even so, by 11:30, I just couldn't wait any longer.

I called and was told that only a partial report was back and was informed that I had to wait for the vet to call with the results. Of course, that made me worry even more. If there news was good, they would just tell me, right?

So, I {very impatiently} waited to hear from our vet. Finally, she called and explained that Ripley tested positive for Lyme disease. She went on to explain that the Lyme was causing the lameness, pain, and inability to eat and drink. His kidney function is a concern, so we need to have that checked. What couldn't be explained are the sores. Her best guess is a skin allergy that caused the infection. Can't be sure though. So, for now, we will continue the antibiotics, which Ripley will have to take for a full month, and we will have his kidney function assessed.

It's important that we find a way to get Ripley to eat and drink. So far, we have been mostly unsuccessful. JC stayed home with him today. He told me that he just can't coax Ripley to drink. He will eat the baby food, but that's it.

The vet asked me to bring him back today for more fluids and medication. Since he isn't eating, she explained the injections were the best route for now.

My mother-in-law offered to take Ripley to her house for the rest of the week since she could be with him all day and night. JC and I can't be with him, though I wish I could stay home to take care of my baby. Agreeing to let him go was not easy. I feel like I should be the one caring for him. He has been my shadow through all of this, and I worry he will miss me so much that he'll get worse.

Even so, Grammy will pick Ripley up tomorrow morning and take him to her house two hours away. I know he is in good hands. Grammy loves Ripley as much as I do, and she will do everything to make sure he is healing. I'm just going to miss him. :(

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