Friday, May 2, 2014

sick Ripley :(

These past couple of days, Ripley just hasn't been himself.  At first, he seemed to be just a little more clingy than usual.  Then, we noticed him licking, scratching, and biting his front left paw and an area just behind his right shoulder.  That same night, he didn't sleep at all.  He cried, moaned, tossed and turned, and licked all night.  All night.

Since he still had a good appetite and was playful the next morning, I assumed he was feeling better.  Not so.  By evening, he was miserable again.  

This morning, he was having difficulty walking.  His back-end kept giving out. He didn't want me to leave either. Ian didn't have school today, so I was relieved that Ripley wouldn't be alone.

We have a vet appointment this afternoon.  Please keep my sweet boy in your thoughts. I am so worried.