Thursday, May 8, 2014

Last baseball game this year

Jake has played baseball since he was four years old. He has always loved it, and to be honest, so have I. Over the years, we watched him pick dandelions in the grass during t-ball, learn to hit a pitch {I will never forget the look of excitement mixed with the "oh, now what do I do?" look on his face the first time he hit a pitch.}, develop his skill as a first baseman and later, a pitcher. He played for three different summer organizations and two different schools. Today, he played his final game as a junior in high school.

It was a great game too! The boys played under the lights at the local high school field. What was special for Jake is that his team played the team of boys he used to play with before we moved. I got to watch him pitch {I'm always filled with a nervous excitement when he's pitching.}, and hit, and loved listening to the comraderie between the players.

It was a senior night for both schools, and as I listened to the names of the senior boys and watched them walk on the field with their parents, it hit me. That will be us next year. I'm so not ready for that! No way!

Jake is hoping to play baseball in college, and maybe the fact that he's a left-handed pitcher, and a good one at that, will help him achieve that goal. Even so, every time he brings it up, I just want to stop the conversation. How is it he is almost a senior in high school? Where did the time go?

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