Thursday, April 17, 2014

Yep. It's been one of those days.

I always know when I am going to have a wonky day. It usually begins with me forgetting or spilling my morning coffee. Today, I forgot. I made the coffee; I just left it sitting on the kitchen counter. Lot of good that was going to do! So, I stopped at BP to grab a quick hazelnut to go, but there was none made. I could've pushed my luck and waited on a fresh pot, but I was already running late. Ugh.

Once I got to school, sans coffee, I found out that the one hour lunch I was looking forward to {After all, the kiddos had a half day, and we always get an hour on those days.}, was NOT happening. Rather, we were getting 30 minutes because we had a mandatory 3 hour training to attend. Not wanting fast food, I was destined to go hungry.

The day kept pretty close to crazy all day with one thing happening after another- you know, like slamming my hand in my file cabinet, still no coffee, no lunch, {temporarily} losing my classroom keys, still no coffee...

Needless to say, I was thrilled to come home at 2:50. I planned a walk with Ripley and a nap {coffee first}. Ripley watched me pick up his leash and immediately knew where we were going. He LOVES his walks! We headed out the door, down the driveway, and onto the road. All the while, I'm feeling like something just wasn't right.

We walked further up the road when I tripped. Once I regained my balance, I looked down at my feet. This is what I saw...

Oh, yes. That's correct. I was wearing MY SLIPPERS! Sheesh! {No wonder the neighbors we passed along the way were looking at me funny. I thought maybe they were horrified by my messy hair.} So, we headed back home to get different shoes and try again.

I think to heck with the nap, maybe I should just go to bed!

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