Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Woo-Hoo! He's cleared for fall baseball! :)

Ian is so stinkin' excited! The concussion doctors feel that Ian is ready to be eased back to normal life. :). It is about time! This kid has moped for far too long about having to be inactive. Seriously! I get it. He is one of the most active kids I know. We joked that we would need to invest in a lot of duct tape to keep him from doing all the things he wanted to do, but couldn't- biking, skate boarding, baseball, lacrosse, quad riding... You get the point. :)

He had to start slowly. First, he was allowed short walks. Then, he could run/jog. Next, run. Now, baseball! He can no longer play his regular position as catcher. After three concussions, he really must protect his head. He isn't thrilled about giving up something that he not only enjoys but is good at doing. Even so, he is happy to be able to play ball again.

I am so happy for him! Maybe, just maybe, this is a start of many good things for Ian. Goodness, he deserves it! After all the pain, testing, doctor visits, crazy schedules, no activity, and feeling left out, it is definitely time for a change!

The doctor said if the symptoms return, he has to quit. Keep your fingers crossed for him! :)

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