Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring has {finally} sprung!

Mother Nature has been playing some cruel tricks on us this year. Every time we think that the wet white stuff is gone for good, she sends us more. Seriously. Not cool. I do love living in Pennsylvania, but I am definitely no fan of winter.

Ripley shares my distaste for winter too. Typically I can not let Ripley outside without a leash. Even with two acres of yard to play in, he runs off to explore. If he catches sight of a squirrel, deer, bear, or his arch- nemesis Nala, he bolts out of the yard. So, no freedom for Ripley. Even so, in the winter, Ripley doesn't want to be outside. He does his thing and runs right back to the door. As much as Ripley likes to take walks, they are few and far between in the winter.

It has been a beautiful few days, so I am pretty sure spring is here to stay. To celebrate, Ripley and I went for a nice, long walk. We saw green grass poking up through dead, brown earth. We heard birds singing to one another. Heck, Ripley was so excited to be out that he didn't even bark at the neighbors we passed along the way. {Progress}

Today, Mother Nature is kind.

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