Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Year in Review

What a wonderful, wonderful break I have had! Sure, I missed blogging- a lot! Even so, I took time and focused on what's most important to me- family. :). Wouldn't change it for anything.

Now, I am back, and so ready to reconnect with you. Thanks for keeping in touch through Facebook and emails. Happy you waited around for me. :)

So, want a recap of some of the things I've been up to this past year?

March 2013
  • March 21- My 44th birthday. Celebrated with hubby and friends at Rockafellas. Left early because I wasn't well.
  • March 22- admitted to hospital. Initial diagnosis was meningitis. Spent 7 miserable days there. Discharged with unspecified diagnosis relating to a blood vessel in my brain.
  • March 28- Home from hospital. JC's birthday too.
April 2013
  • April 5- Back to work. Finally! I missed my kiddos. :)
  • April 19- Ian's first day of bow hunting. Yes, I was quite nervous, but JC took good care of him. Ian is officially addicted to hunting now!
  • April 22- Jake found out he made the Kiski Valley Legion Baseball team. :). He really worked had for this!
May 2013
  • Baseball, baseball, baseball!
June 2013
  • June 6- Ian's 13th birthday. Wow! Another teenager in the house! Save me! Lol
  • June 7- Year 21 of teaching is officially over.
  • June 14- Ian's brain MRI. Still no change in the tumor.
  • June 20- Jake's 16th birthday.
  • June 21- Jake started his first job at Birdsfoot this morning. In the afternoon, he took and PASSED his driver's permit test! {pray for me!}
July 2013
  • July 1- Spent the afternoon and evening in Pittsburgh for a big Pitt party. Went with my parents, my brother, sister-in-law, and the kids (Ian, Maddie, Olivia, Alyssa, Logan, buddy, and Emma). So much fun! Kids played in the water and we finished the night with a great fireworks show over the river.
  • July 16- Found out today that I got the English position I applied for at the middle school. Finally! I missed teaching English. :)
  • July 20- A fun night at the Improv with JC and his friends!
  • July 24- Ian's heart CT. Again, we wait.
  • July 26- Leave for Florida!
  • July 27- Made it to Florida and to see Aunt Judy and Uncle Dave. All the guys went golfing. Chris, Judy, and I stayed back to visit. Then, out to dinner.
  • July 28- Cocoa Beach for the day and night. Loved the beach!
  • July 29- CRUISE!!! Off with Royal Caribbean to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Cocoa Cay, and San Juan. Oh, what a heavenly vacation! I didn't want to come home. I loved being with my family, lazy days by the pool, feeling the wind in my hair an water on my toes on the catamaran in St. Maarten, morning mimosas, all day mojitos, sand between my toes, dinner served by the best wait staff, not making my bed....
August 2013
  • August 5- Virginia Beach to visit cousin Kimmie. Another beautiful time on the beach.
  • August 10- Vacation to the Poconos with the Culleiton family! Loved the up-close-and-personal visits from the bears! Lol. Kids all had a great time being together.
  • August 16- To Tionesta to pick up Ripley. Last vacation of the summer. :(
September 2013
  • Back to school for all of us!
October 2013
  • October 22- BIG barn party! Music, friends, food, fun!
  • October 31- Jacob's Junior Ring Day Ceremony
December 2013
  • December 4- Jake and JC hunt.
  • December 31- Ian to First Night Pittsburgh with my parents and Logan
January 2014
  • January 21- Ian's brain MRI at Children's. Great news! No change in the tumor! Bad news- Ian had an anaphylactic reaction to the MRI dye on our way home. Spent the rest of the night in the hospital.
February 2014
  • February 15- Celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. Had a fun day bar hopping in Erie. :)
March 2014
  • March 1- Jake bought his first car! 2005 Nissan X-terra {now the real worrying begins!}
  • March 2- Jake and his friends won 2nd place in the National History Day competition! {very proud momma!}
  • March 12- Jake passed his driver's test! Oh no! Lol
In all, a busy, but nevertheless, wonderful year. :)

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