Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Time for a friend for Ripley

We rescued Ripley three years ago. At the time, we spent hours online looking for the perfect pup to add to our family. We knew we wanted a small dog. It had to be a low-shedding breed due to Ian's asthma. We preferred a young dog. We narrowed our search to a handful of breeds (miniature schnauzer, Yorkie, havanese, Maltese, and bichon) and continued our search.

As luck would have it, happened upon the Save a Yorkie website. There, I saw a photo of the miniature schnauzer/Yorkie mix who would later become ours. I was instantly in love with Ripley's furry brown face and chocolate brown eyes. He looked sweet yet shy. I knew he was destined to join our family. We completed the online application and waited.

I didn't realize how much went into adopting a dog from a rescue. After the initial application, there were phone calls, reference checks, and a home visit. Then, we got the call that Ripley was ours! What a wonderful day that was!

Every day is a blessing with our Ripley.

Fast forward to now... Ripley spends his days alone while the boys, JC and I are at school. He's such a good boy while we are gone, and I think that maybe, just maybe it is time to bring Ripley a little sister. :)

JC did not agree at first, but he has agreed to allow me to once again, begin the search for a dog to add to our family. I am so excited! I hope Ripley will be excited too. :)

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