Friday, March 14, 2014

the search continues

I have been spending way too much time searching for a sister dog for Ripley. I'm overwhelmed by all of the sweet dogs who, for whatever reason, are in need of a home. I truly wish I could adopt all of them.

Ripley is a fussy dog. He loves his people and tolerates the cat. He does not get along with dogs that are bigger than him {He really thinks he can kill Nala, our neighbor's friendly black lab.}. On walks, he becomes a little mean when we pass other, bigger dogs. Even so, his best friend is Little One, my mother-in-law's senior black lab. Maybe he likes her because she is female.

At any rate, we decided to play it safe and look for a female. She needs to be smaller than Ripley and younger too. Petfinder is am amazing site. I can input the qualities we are hoping for, and their search engine creates a list of dogs that meet that criteria.

The type of dog we are looking for narrows our options quite a bit, but I am certain we will find the right dog to add to our family.

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