Wednesday, March 12, 2014

oh. my. heck. He's driving!

Sure, I knew this day was inevitable. He got his learner's permit in June. He's been practicing- mainly with my hubby because I am nervous nilly when it comes to riding with him. Recently, I decided to be brave and take Jake to practice parallel driving. I was shocked at what a confident driver he had become! I knew he was ready.

I went with him to the testing center where we were met by hubby. It was raining with snow following close behind. I worried that would make him nervous. {Alright, I was the nervous one!} We watched from hubby's truck as Jake nailed the parallel parking. Then, we waited inside the DMV as he continued the test. I chewed my nails until there was almost nothing left of them when Jake walked into the DMV smiling.

So, here we are now. I thought being a mom was tough before, but I have a hunch the real worrying starts today.

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