Thursday, February 14, 2013

seething...bullies suck!

I am so sick of bullies! Isn't it enough that Ian's life has completely changed over the past two years- new school, serious concussion, heart problems, and brain tumor? He has not truly had a chance to ever really fit in since we moved to the new house. Before, he was a popular kid with lots of friends. Now, he hardly knows anyone, and he only has a couple of friends. So, on top of everything else, he feels very lonely.

Now, he has the added bad luck to have a group of boys who are bullying him at school and on the internet. These bullies are calling Ian "tumor boy." It has actually escalated to the point where they have backed him in a corner and said, "Let's punch him in the head. See if he dies."

Sure, I have called the school. I have been assured this would be dealt with. That isn't good enough, damn it! My son no longer feels safe at school! My blood is boiling!

I feel so angry, yet helpless. When will this crap end? Why won't they just leave him alone?

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