Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ian update

Ian returned to Children's Hospital for his follow-up brain MRI. We were hopeful that the neurosurgeon would find that it is just some old lesion. It isn't. It is undeniably a brain tumor. An ugly interloper in my sweet son's body.

Ian's doctor classified it as a low-grade tumor. Basically, that means that the tumor has not changed and is considered benign right now. The doctor said it is honestly impossible to say for certain that the tumor will remain benign. So. Ian will have another MRI in a few months. More waiting. I don't handle waiting well.

If the tumor changes or if there is a change in Ian's symptoms before the next MRI, we will deal with it immediately. If not {so praying for this!}, we will wait and see what the next MRI shows.

I'd be lying if I told you we are doing okay. I'm scared out of my mind! We all are. My husband is in a sort-od denial stage, still not believing it is a tumor. Jacob, my oldest son, is worrying me. He's upset; I know he is. Yet, he refuses to talk about it. Ian, although happy with the news that it isn't malignant, can't help but worry about the whole "what if" of the situation. I am scared. I am frustrated. I am angry- thought I'm not sure with whom to be angry.

Brain tumors suck!

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