Monday, September 17, 2012

hello monday

Whoa.  What a rough start to the week.  I took Ian to school early today to meet with the school nurse and guidance counselor regarding his concussion academic accommodations.  That didn't work out as planned.  The counselor had another meeting, so she's supposed to call later.  That means none of Ian's teachers will know what's going on until later today.  Then, no sooner did I get back home and poured a cup of coffee, the school called to tell me Ian had a headache already.  Ugh.

This concussion stuff is horrible.  It has been almost a year since he was diagnosed.  Every time we think things are improving for Ian, he regresses.  I feel awful for him.  He just wants to feel normal again. Maybe it's time to redefine the meaning of normal.

Let's hope things start looking up soon.

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