Friday, December 9, 2011

Nootie Dog Shampoo and Daily Spritz Combo~ Feature Review

Adopting our dog Ripley, a miniature schnauzer/yorkie mix, has brought our family many smiles and lots of laughter. Before we brought him home, we researched what his temperament might be like, what supplies we needed, and how to best take care of his grooming needs.

After some trial and error, we settled into a grooming routine and now take Ripley to the doggie spa about every six weeks. Even so, Ripley is a curious little dog and tends to get into things he shouldn't- like mud and deer doo, so there are times we have to bathe Ripley at home.

Fortunately, for times like those, I have a bottle of Nootie Shampoo and Daily Spritz Combo that I like to use.

{About Nootie}The inspiration for nootie began while searching for shampoo for our dog. We discovered most pet shampoo fragrances were not very appealing and thought, "Why not... indulge our dog with the same fragrances we so often enjoy ourselves?"

Hence, nootie was born. Many pet shampoo fragrances last a meager period of time as well as offer insignificant, if any, clinical benefit for your dog. We championed to find a solution. Our formulators, equipped with more than 20 years experience providing products to the veterinarian industry, developed a line of shampoo and spritz that offer long lasting, tantalizing scents as well as numerous benefits for your dog's coat and skin. With a plethora of naturally derived ingredients such as Aloe and Oatmeal, Essential Fatty Acids, Sweet Almond Oil, Rosemary and Jojoba oil, you will notice a distinct difference in your dogs coat and skin. Coats will be soft and shiny, while a multitude of skin problems will be alleviated.

Nootie sent us a bottle of their Shampoo and Daily Spritz Combo in their Cucumber Melon Scent. The fresh scent of cucumber melon combined with aloe and oatmeal helps relieve dry, itchy skin while leaving Ripley smelling fresh and clean. Not a huge fan of sweet smells, I worried at first that the smell would be too overpowering, but it isn't. The scent is subtle, light and only slightly sweet. It reminds me of the cucumber melon products at Bath and Body Works.
The top portion of the bottle contains 12 ozs of Soothing Cucumber Melon shampoo. The bottom bottle contains 4 oz's of Nootie's daily spritz in the same long lasting fragrance which conditions and freshens Ripley's coat.

{About the Shampoo and Daily Spritz Combo}
- Long lasting fragrance

- Made with natural ingredients
- Soap & paraben free
- No sulfates or harsh chemicals
- Safe to use along with topical flea & tick products
Ingredients Shampoo - Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside, Coco Betaine, Glycerin, Polyquat 7 (Conditioner), Oatmeal Extract, Aloe Concentrate, infused with essence of Cucumber Melon, Preservative Daily

Spritz - Purified Water, SDA 40 Alcohol, Nonoxynol 9, Polyquat 7, Glycerin, infused with essence of Cucumber Melon, Preservative
I have been using the Nootie Shampoo and Daily Spritz Combo on Ripley for about a couple of months now. I have noticed his coat seems healthier. There's a shine to it that wasn't there before. In between trips to the groomer, I use the daily spritz on Ripley. (I LOVE the spritz!) It is a terrific detangler! Ripley’s coat is shiny and soft, and he smells great too! Two things I like best about this product is that it is safe to use- no harsh chemicals, and the soft, great smelling fur lasts a long time.

{Buy It}
I highly recommend Nootie products for any dog owner. You can purchase the smampoo and spritz combo for only $19.99 on Nootie's website. It's worth every penny!

The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part.

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