Friday, December 16, 2011

A child's belief of Santa and Costume Supercenter: Child's Santa Claus Costume Review

Even though my kids are older (14 and 11 years), my youngest is still hanging onto (albeit by a very thin thread) his belief in the magic of Christmas. He loves Christmas and all it stands for and has not lost sight of the reason we celebrate this holiday. Even so, at his school the kids told him Santa isn't real.

Ian came home from school one afternoon early in the school year and asked me point blank, "Is Santa real?" Wow. I knew the day was close when he would begin to question, but I still wasn't prepared for it.

We sat down, and honestly, I can't remember all I said to him, but it boiled down to my admittance that his father and I put his gifts under the tree. You know what? As unprepared as I was for "the talk," I thought it went well. I asked him why he questioned his belief, and he responded, "We had to write paragraphs in school about a memory and then read them to the class. One kid in my class wrote about how he felt when his parents told him Santa wasn't real." I could tell Ian was sad, but after out discussion, he went about doing normal Ian things, and the topic was dropped, so I thought.

A few days later, Ian told me we needed to talk. He explained to me that I was wrong. Santa must be real. I was confused. I asked him to explain, and he said this to me. "Mom, we're lucky that you and dad can afford to buy us gifts on Christmas; other kids aren't so lucky. Some kids have parents without a job. Some kids don't have parents. Santa knows he doesn't need to help you, but he does need to help those other kids. I believe Santa makes Christmas special for the kids who wouldn't have Christmas without him. Besides, I believe in God, and I've never actually seen him either."

Wow. Now what? You know, he was right. I ask him to have faith in God, yet I can't show him proof of God's existence. So, you know what? I can't question his belief in Santa either. I decided to let it go at that.

All of our Santa talk made Ian really want to do something special for his little cousins. He said he wanted to make Santa real for them, as real as possible. His answer to this dilemma is to dress as Santa Claus for our annual family Christmas party.

Thank goodness for Costume Supercenter because I wasn't up for making the costume myself! I searched Costume Supercenter for kids Santa Suits and was lucky to find one that is perfect for Ian.

{Child Flannel Santa Suit with Beard}
Ho Ho HO MERRY CHRISTMAS! This Child Deluxe Santa Suit features a red plush pullover coat, matching pants, hat with a large pom-pom, a black belt with a slide buckle, beard and boot covers with plush cuffs. This suit is available in Small (Size 6-8), Medium (Size 10-12), and Large (Size 14-16). It's the perfect costume for the child who is playing jolly old St. Nick in the church play or even to wear at the holiday itself to distribute presents that were left under the tree by the real Santa Claus! Add a Santa Bag in Velvet with Bells or a Red Santa Toy Bag Accessory, a Santa Bell strap or hand bell (all sold separately elsewhere on this site) to finish off the look of the old elf. Santa Claus's costume is comfortable so he can wear it throughout the party and still have a lot of fun!

We ordered the costume (FREE SHIPPING! YAY!), and I was surprised at how quickly it arrived. It was delivered two days before the anticipated delivery date. I was also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the suit. For $40, I wasn't expecting much, but the suit is a nice flannel material, and the beard is terrific! Ian is happy, so momma is happy! :)

Ian can't wait to spread some Christmas magic at our family party. It's exciting for me to watch him prepare little gifts for his cousins. It's even more exciting for me to know my kid is hanging onto the magic of Santa for just a little while longer.

So, long story short... my little guy still believes in Santa, and that's fine by me. :)

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Oh! So sweet! I knew a kid growing up that believed in Santa until middle school, too. I think your son's response is the best. And how fun that he did that for his little cousins!
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Hey! I live in Butler County! :)

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