Friday, February 25, 2011

time for the kitchen and bathroom remodel...

When we bought our new home in December I loved everything about it except the kitchen and guest bathroom. Hubby and I agreed that both needed remodeled, but money is tight (isn't it always like that?).

After watching a million HGTV episodes where kitchens were remodeled "on a dime", I told hubby I had some ideas on things we could do in the kitchen that shouldn't cost too much. He listened to my {great} ideas and agreed. The other conclusion we came to was to wait a bit for the guest bath since it is functioning and not too much of an eyesore.

So, we chose to update our existing kitchen cabinets with more modern hardware and replace the {very} ugly black countertop with something new as well. In fact, we plan to extend the countertop quite a bit to allow for a bar area. To solve the issue of not enough cabinets, we ordered a gorgeous buffet from a local Amish furniture store. It will be finished in May. {can't wait!} We decided on a countertop and as we prepared to order, disaster struck.

I was coming into the garage from a late night Bon Jovi concert when I heart something shatter. {I was home alone, as hubby had the boys at my mother in law's house for the weekend.} As I approached the door leading to the house, something fell from the ceiling and crashed around me. Plaster. Okay. No good. I got on a step stool and felt the area around the ceiling which was falling, and everything was wet. Really bad.

I called hubby and my dad. It was 12:30 AM, and I was panicked. Both said it must be a water issue with the guest bath. Since there was nothing that could be done other than turn the waiter off in that bathroom, I did just that and went to bed. I didn't sleep much because I kept going back down into he garage to see of the toilet fell through the ceiling.

When hubby came home the next day, he confirmed that the plumbing from the guest bath was the culprit. So, now we have a bathroom to remodel too.

Since we already started the kitchen plan, we are going to go ahead with them. Today we are shopping for a new bathroom. Might be fun.

Never a dull moment around here anyway. :)

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