Sunday, August 1, 2010

we're home...and a little hiccup

Well, the suitcases are finally unpacked, and the grocery shopping is done. Back to reality. We had an amazing time visiting Tennessee! I still can't believe how much greatness we stuffed into those eight days. Over the next week or so, I will post photos, tell a bit about the vacation, and review some of the places we visited and stayed.

Additionally, I need to get caught up on some product reviews that were put on hold until our return. Thanks so much for your patience with me. :)

I did come home to find that when I turned on my laptop to upload some photos, my ASUS was not cooperating- at all. I got some blue screen and a message that my computer was dumping all physical memory. Huh? I shut it down, and when I turned it back on- nothing. nada. ziltch. Ugh! I took it to Best Buy {again!} since it is still under warranty, and they told me my hard drive crashed. This is the second time that's happened in less than six months. Very frustrating! {Maybe I need to start researching for a more reliable computer.}

So, my laptop is being fixed by the Geek Squad, and I am at the mercy of the rest of the family to borrow theirs whenever I can.

If all of that isn't irritating enough, my Driod quit working as well. I took it into Verizon yesterday, and I was informed that I needed a new phone and battery. Seriously?

Not my day for electronics, anyway.

Hopefully, all will be back to normal in the next few days. I am off to download photos onto hubby's laptop and then will be back to post some more. :)

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