Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time to GET FIT and live a HEALTHIER lifestyle!

Okay, so I admit I am in need of getting into shape. Serious need. I have spent far too long thinking about getting fit and healthy and far too little time actually doing something about it. Not good.

I had a scare recently which resulted in an overnight stay at the chest pain unit in out local hospital. Several tests, too much medication for my comfort, and countless prayers later, I was discharged. Whew! My heart and lungs are in great shape. Time to keep it that way!

Having the summer off, I hope to be able to really focus on getting a good start with an eating and exercise program before school starts again in the fall. Even so, I am a bit nervous about making it through vacations and summer parties and still managing to eat right.

Step one- no more soda.
Step two- lots more water
Step three- exercise at least 40 minutes, six days a week
Step four- healthier eating plan
Step six- make sure to eat (I have a tendency to forget about meals)
Step seven- eat more slowly (must be the mom in me that has me almost swallowing food without chewing first)

So, today is day two of my exercise plan. It is kicking my butt. I knew I was out of shape, but wow! Evey single part of my body is aching today.

Hubby recently finished the Insanity Workout and is now in the midst of P90X. He assures me that P90X is the workout for me. Say what??? He hasn't watched my ridiculous attempts at actually doing these exercises!

I sent hubby an email today stressing that I need a lower-impact workout that is FUN so that I will WANT to do it. His reply, "I know its hard at first, but this program gets better results than any other program because of how its put together... stick it out and you'll be glad you did." Hmmm...

I think I will give it a week. If I am still struggling to get through it and still dislike it as much as I do now, I will need to find another workout. Any suggestions for a fun, effective cardio workout for this 40+ year-old mom?

Now, the eating part of his healthy-living plan is causing me more trouble than I thought it would. I am a picky, picky eater. I dislike seafood, and I abhor most veggies. (I do like spinach, onions, green beans, corn, and some squash.) I know next to nothing about how to eat foods that are not only good for me, but foods I will enjoy as well.

I realize it isn't rocket science. Even so, while I LOVE to bake, cooking has never been my forte. I have to cook now. I also have to figure out ways to get creative, while staying under a certain calorie goal, with the limited types of foods I will eat.

I do plan to blog my journey. If you are interested in taking this journey with me, then FANTASTIC! I welcome the company. :)

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n8sense said...

I, too, need to start being healthier and get in shape. Your seven steps are great and if anyone does those things they would definitely lose weight and get healthier!