Friday, June 18, 2010

Review: CSN Stores

I love to shop! Even so, I do not like big crowds, long lines, or crammed aisles when I want to shop. When I was younger, that kind of stuff didn't bother me. Now that I am older, I enjoy shopping from the comfort of my leather couch. :) One of the greatest places to shop, is CSN Stores. It's like going to the mall while never leaving home!

With over 250 different stores to choose from, CSN Stores offers a fantastic selection for everyone! Are you a brand shopper? Have certain brands you have come to trust through the years? I am too. With CSN Stores, I can search for my favorite brands via either the search box or by following the link to their brands page.

In all of the times I have dealt with CSN Stores, I can say that their customer service department is truly fantastic. Communication is key when it comes to customer service, and great communication I what I received with CSN Stores. The entire ordering and shipping process was seamless. I received update email on the status of my orders and was thrilled when all arrived on time. Whenever I have had a question, their response was also helpful and timely. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

Another HUGE plus I have found is that there is FREE SHIPPING on most items you find at CSN Stores. I love that!

Recently I had the opportunity to review one of the rugs from their children's furniture store. My youngest son is very into space right now, and was excited to find the Fun Rugs California Kids Hand Carved Moongaze Space Rug. He knew right away that this particular rug was THE perfect rug for his bedroom.

This 100% nylon machine made rug is durable and very easy to clean and is a non-skid rug for additional safety. This kids rug not only looks great, but is sure to stand up to heavy use. The California Kids Moongaze Space Rug features a plush high pile with hand carving along with planets and a far off galaxy. Features: -Machine made in the USA with 100% nylon -Hand carved for addition depth -Kids rug with non-skid backing for extra safety -Image of planets in space.

When the rug arrived, we were excited that it looked even better in person! My son loves how soft it is and spends a lot of time sitting or laying on the rug, playing with his toys. Now he wants us to change all of the decor in his room to match the rug! :)

Overall, we are very happy with this rug. (I will say that the cat hair really shows up on the dark color of the rug!) I plan to do some more shopping at CSN Stores to see what else I can find for my son's room to match this rug.

There was no monetary compensation received for this review. I received a product from CSN Stores for the purpose of completing this review. Receipt of this did not sway my opinion.

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annalene said...

Such a fun rug, great pick! I'm giving away a $50 CSN gift certificate on my site & I'm so excited to see what the winner will choose!