Wednesday, June 9, 2010

REVIEW: Barbar Ceramic Eco-8000 Blow Dryer

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am trying to take steps to live a "greener" lifestyle. I admit, my family and I are still learning about eco-friendly products and how using them benefits our family and our environment. Even so, we are committed to doing our part.

I had no idea that a hair dryer could be eco-friendly. I guess I just thought that if I plugged it in and it used energy, it wasn't eco-friendly. (I told you I still have a lot to learn!) When I first read about the energy-efficient Barbar Ceramic Eco-8000 Blow Dryer, I was intrigued.

Upon visiting the Barbar website, I found that this is indeed an eco-friendly product. Very cool indeed.

Details from website:
The Barbar ECO 8000 Blow Dryer uses the latest in technology by having an eco-friendly ceramic heating element, as opposed to all standard dryers that have a coil heating element. The difference is use of electricity & output of radiation. The ECO 8000 has 5.0 mG (milligauss) output radiation. A standard 1,800 WATT dryer has over 200.0 mG! This amount of mG is comparable to the radiation output of a microwave. The ceramic heating element lasts 5x longer than a coil heating element. The ceramic heating element uses 90% electricity, turning it into heat. No energy is wasted, but saved. The coil heating element wastes electricity because it doesn't use it, thus turning it into radiation. Unused electricity turns into radiation! The BARBAR ECO 8000 is truly eco-friendly; everything a blow dryer should be and much more.
What did I think of the blow dryer:
The Barbar Eco-8000 is an impressive blow dryer! Even after reading about it, I honestly didn't think that it could dry my mass of thick hair quickly. With only 1,800 watts, surely it would take a long time to completely dry my hair. I was wrong! Not only does this dryer finish the task of drying my hair in under three minutes, it leaves my hair feeling thicker and softer. With the cool shot button, I also end up with a healthy shine to my hair as well. I love that!

Some other great features of the Eco-8000 are the long cord (11 feet!) and the several settings which allow me to adjust the amount of air and the air temperature. This dryer is also quiet, unlike other dryers I have used. In fact, I was able to dry my hair this morning while my kids slept in the room next door without waking them. Aside from those great features, what I love most about this hair dryer is that it saves electricity! That is an important feature for this mama!

Though the Barbar Eco-8000 is attractively designed, the only drawback I found with it is that is a little heavier than other dyers I have used. Fortunately, my drying time has been cut in half, so the weight of the dryer does not bother me.

Bottom line:
Overall, I am more than impressed with the Barbar Eco-8000 Blow Dryer. It performed great and the fact that it is earth friendly makes it even more attractive to me. With a price tag of $150, this dryer is a great option for those wanting an eco-friendly, quality product.

Buy it:
You can purchase the Barbar Eco-8000 Blow Dryer HERE. Barbar is offering living life one day at a time readers a great deal! Use the code Blog4fun at checkout for a 50% discount off any purchase from Valid until the end of July.

There was no monetary compensation received for this review. I received a blow dryer from Barbar for the purpose of completing this review. Receipt of this did not sway my opinion.

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