Thursday, June 3, 2010

Press Release: Eco-Friendly Camp Care Packages from Jessica Iclisoy!

Eco-Friendly Care Packages:
Show your kids you love them—and the Earth

Below please find an article written by California Baby creator, Jessica Iclisoy, on earth-friendly care packages to send your kids while away at Summer Camp!

This summer, millions of kids will pack up their bags and head off to camp. Spending time away from home and in the heart of nature is an amazing experience that teaches children to be independent, confident in the wild, and comfortable around people from many different walks of life. But whether they’re overnight newbies or camp regulars, your kids can still become homesick. And that’s totally normal: A study of 329 male campers aged 8 to 16 found that 83 percent experienced homesickness on at least one day during their stay at an overnight camp.

Don’t hop in the car to go pick up your kids just yet. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can reassure your child and make him feel at home while he’s away. For example, have your child help you choose the camp he will attend, because having some say can make him feel more comfortable with being away. Or you can create practice separation situations before camp starts by having your child sleepover a friend’s house.

My favorite way to remind my kids that I love them when they’re away is to send a care package. Instead of loading it with candy, video games and plastic toys, though, I prefer healthy, eco-friendly goodies. After all, since they’re communing with nature, shouldn’t they be eating and playing as naturally as possible, too?

Here are a few ideas to get your green camp care package started:
  • Healthy Snacks: Food that fuels kids—try homemade granola, dried fruit, nuts and trail mix—rather than sending them on a sugar high, nuts and dried fruits will keep them energized for all of the activities their counselors have planned.
  • Outdoor Essentials: In my opinion, chemical-filled sunscreens, bug repellants and other personal care products don’t mesh with the green ethos of the great outdoors. Be sure to opt for a kid-friendly and a natural shampoo & body wash that biodegrades completely, sunscreens and insect repellants that will keep your little ones sunburn and bug-bite free—without toxic chemicals—during their days at camp are key. Many camps now require non-chemical sunscreens to keep their lakes healthy as many chemicals can kill fish and plant matter.
  • Love Notes: Nothing says “I love and miss you” like a hand-written note from Mom and Dad. Pick up a box of eco-chic note cards that are made from 100% recycled paper, some even have wildflower seeds imbedded right into the paper fibers. Once your little camper has finished reading your loving words and his homesickness has been assuaged, he can plant the missive in the ground and spread your love for him and Mama Earth around.

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