Saturday, May 29, 2010

REVIEW: EPSON PictureMate Charm

It's no secret that my family loves EPSON printers. We have tried other brands, but nothing has come close to the picture quality of the EPSON. With four photographers in the family, picture quality is the most important aspect we look for in a printer.

This year, Santa brought Ian his first digital camera. He takes that camera everywhere! Not a child blessed with patience, he likes to see his pictures right away. (This is a kid with photos as the main decorating element in his bedroom.) So, when I had the opportunity to review the EPSON PictureMate Charm, I readily agreed- knowing exactly who would love this printer the most!

Ian has a lot of fun with the PictureMate Charm! He likes that he can quickly put his SD card in the printer, choose the photo he wants to print, do quick adjustment to the pictures, and in no time (literally under one minute), he is holding the print in his hand.

From the Epson website:

*2.5" LCD color photo viewer
*4" x 6" photos in as fast as 37 seconds1
*Smudge, water and fade resistant photos
*Choose from various layouts and print in black-and-white, color or sepia
*Borderless photos, remove red eye, PC free
*Compatible with any digital camera
*Everyday low print price
*Easy to use
*Optional rechargeable battery for printing on-the-go
*Optional carry case and bluetooth adapter

Ian isn't the only family member enjoying the Epson PictureMate Charm. As a middle school teacher, one of the several ways I have used this great little printer is in my scrapbook class for kids who weren't able to print at home. My older son has used it to print photos he needed for projects. In two weeks when we celebrate the boys' birthdays with family and friends, we plan to have the PictureMate Charm ready to instantly print copies of photos for eveyone.

In addition to the picture quality, what we love best about the PictureMate Charm is the portability of the printer. With it's great lunch pail design, the Charm can be taken along with us very easily. EPSON offers an optional carrying case for the printer, something I have seriously considered purchasing to protect the printer when we travel with it.

One other bonus to this printer is the cost of ink and printer paper. EPSON sells these terrific Print Packs for its portable printers which cost less than $35.00 (purchased online or in stores). The Print Pack includes ink and paper, and with the glossy pack, I am able to print 150 pictures for that $35.00 (that's less than 24 cents per photo!). I think that's a terrific deal!

The only wish I have for this printer is that a battery pack was included. To use outdoors, we have to have access to an electrical outlet, which is not always possible. The price of the battery is $49.99 through the EPSON website.

Bottom Line:
*picture quality
*low cost of paper and ink

*battery pack not included

Overall, we are thrilled with the EPSON PictureMate Charm printer! Thanks EPSON for allowing us to review this fun product!

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