Saturday, April 17, 2010

digi layout: remember this

This was a very special day for you, Ian. This was the first Grandparents’ Day performance that Pap was ever able to be a part of. When you invited him, he said he wouldn’t be able to be there. When you noticed him in the audience sitting next to Grandma, your eyes lit up. You were even more excited when Pap and Grandma said they both could stay for cookies too. Later, you told me that this was the best Grandparents’ Day ever!
Layered Template- Cathy Zielski CZ LayeredT No. 4
OScraps Moonrise Kit (paper)
Tranquility Kit (paper, branch, flower) – Little Dreamer Designs Leora Sanford and One Little Bird Collab.
Pinned Frame- Katie Pertiet
Flossy Stitches- Katie Pertiet
Around Words No. 4- Katie Pertiet
Digital Poetry- Katie Pertiet
Stitched by Anna Borders- Anna Aspnes

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