Thursday, October 29, 2009

don't give up on me...

This post is long overdue, but honestly, I haven't had much time to spare to post lately. It seems that H1N1 is ripping its way through my family. My oldest son had it, I had it, and now my little boy has it. Nasty stuff, this flu. I am way behind in posts and emails, but bear with me. Once we are through this mess, I will be back. Thanks for your understanding.


~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

Oh that's horrible! I am so sorry you are all sick and I hope you get better soon! Rest well.

Courtney said...

oh no :( I was wondering where you were!!
Hope you and your family are all well soon! :)

Lori A. said...

So sorry to hear this! I will pray that your family is all better quickly!

Tj and Amy said...

Wow! sorry! we are doing everything we can to prevent that nasty stuff and they keep running out of the vaccine.

Stuff Parents Need said...

Get better soon! Rest up, and drink those fluids!

Courtney said...

hope you're doing well. . haven't seen you on at all :(

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