Monday, September 7, 2009

Monthly Feature Review: FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000

Today marks the kick-off of living life one day at a time’s monthly feature reviews. I have several products that I can not wait to tell you about this month, and the one I have chosen to feature today is from FHI Heat.
I have to tell you that living in a house with all males, it’s sometime easy to forget that I’m a girly-girl at heart. Not too long ago, I decided that pampering myself is important- not to mention fun! One of my vices just so happens to be anything related to hair- tools, products, and accessories.
Now, some background on my hair. I have been both blessed and cursed with a head of long, thick hair. I am blessed because when styled, my hair has the potential to look truly fantastic (maybe not Hollywood-beautiful, but pretty nonetheless). I am cursed because my hair needs to be styled to look good. (See the dilemma here?) My hair is also wavy- and not in a gorgeous bouncy way either. I mean the type of waves that always make me look like I slept wrong on my hair.
I absolutely love going to the beauty salon and having my hair cut, colored, and styled. Even so, I never seem to be able to replicate the look that my hairdresser seems to be able to effortlessly create.
Part of my problem has been that I have been using cheap styling tools. I honestly never knew that using good quality tools would make that big a difference in my hair. This did not become apparent to me until I used the tools that FHI Heat sent to me for review.
fhi-heat-nano-salon-2000-hair-dryer-large One of the two tools I have had the pleasure to review is the FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000 Hair Dryer. Some information from FHI Heat: (215)
It’s the must have for every style, taking your client’s hair from sopping-wet to workably damp in just minutes. Our advanced tourmaline technology prevents static and frizz to keep hair smooth and add shine. This sleek essential is both workhorse and racehorse, boasting a high-powered yet remarkably quiet AC motor designed for 1200 hours of high-styling.
  • Powerful, yet extremely smooth extended life motor rated for 1200 hours of use
  • Separate speed and heat settings provides total styling control
  • Cool Shot button to set the style in place
  • Proprietary Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology produces unmatched conditioning and shine
  • Low Electromagnetic Field
  • Diffuser and Concentrator included
  • Available in 6 colors
Adjustable Heat: Separate Heat, Speed & Cool Shot
Ceramic Heater: Far Infrared Ionic Heat
Tourmaline, Titanium Oxide & Silver Infused: Adds Ions, Shine; Removes Chemicals, Bacteria
Attachments: Concentrator & Diffuser
Warranty: 1 Year
After using this hair dryer for two weeks, I have decided that I was completely missing out on great hair by not using professional quality hair tools! My former blow dryer tended to overheat easily, took more than 45 minutes to dry my hair, and left my hair a frizzy mess. The FHI Heat Nano Salon Pro 2000 cut a little more than 15 minutes off my drying time, and the cool shot button left my hair looking shiny and frizz-free. No doubt, this is due in great part to FHI Heat’s Nano-Fuzeion Technology.
What is Nano-Fuzeion Technology?
Nano Fuzeion Technology is FHI's Heat's advanced combination of three distinct nano technologies which result in unmatched styling and health benefits for your hair. Nano Titanium enhances the ionic effect, allowing the hair to absorb more moisture for superior conditioning and shine. Nano Titanium Oxide helps remove chemical pollutant and toxins which build up in your hair from normal exposure to the elements. Finally, Nano Silver removes harmful or damaging bacteria from the hair. The moisturizing elements of Titanium work together with the cleansing and purifying characteristics of Titanium Oxide and Silver to leave your hair healthier, shinier, and more vibrant.
The only negative aspect I can find regarding this hair dryer is the price. The manufacturer lists this baby at a whopping $195. If you look around online, at authorized FHI Heat resellers, you can find the dryer for much cheaper. The good news is that it is worth every penny to have healthy hair! You simply have to see for yourself.
The entire family of FHI Heat products, from style-defining irons and award-winning blow dryers to resilient, snag-resistant carbon combs, may be found at fine hair salons and beauty stores nationwide, including Ulta, Pure Beauty and Beauty First. For more information, please visit or call 877-FHI-HEAT (877-344-4328).
Be sure to check back in, as every Monday and Wednesday I will post a Feature Review. FHI Heat will be back when I review the FHI Heat Platform Iron. (I am hoping to post a video review for that one!)
See you soon!
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